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Oral and Dental Care of People with Disabilities

Adopted by the FDI General Assembly: 18in September 2003

1. The FDI Mission Statement supports the principle that all people should have
access to the best possible care to achieve optimal oral health.

2. The FDI International Principles of Ethics for the Dental Profession states that
the professional dentist will safeguard the oral health of patients irrespective
of their individual status.

3. The FDI supports the United Nations declaration that disabled people should
have access to medical treatment without discrimination.

4. Oral and dental care for people with disabilities should be offered to the same
standard as for non-disabled people, mindful of the consequences of oral
disease and/or its treatment for people with disabilities.

5. The oral health of people with disabilities should be maintained through oral
health education and the prevention of oral diseases.

6. Collaboration with policy makers and other stakeholders should be part of the
overall strategy for developing and implementing oral and dental services for
people with disabilities

Main authors:
Dr Peter Swiss

Submitted by:
FDI Special Committee of Disability and Oral Health
FDI Special Committee of Ethics and Dental Legislation

Korean Dental Association Statement "Dental Professional Codes of Ethics for People with Disabilities"